Friday, November 7, 2014

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Bible Evidence Against So-Called Gay Marriage (Same Sex Marriage): Proofs from the King James Bible as Exegeted by Pastor Nelson Turner of

     In this sermon delivered to the gathered faithful in church on the Lord's Day October 26, 2014, Pastor Nelson Turner proves from Holy Scripture that the word of God is proof against "marriage" between individuals of the same sex. Such unions are clearly against natural law; perverse and illogical in view of the account of creation and God's plan evident in it; a violation of God's commandments revealed in the Holy Bible (which for English speaking people IS the King James Authorized Version); and evidence of enmity against the Spirit of God. The Bible makes clear in the concluding verses of Romans Chapter 1 that the disorientation from the natural order evidenced in homosexual behavior has its origin in the denial by sinful men and women of the True and Living Lord God. 
     While the word of God repeatedly makes clear how God will at the last judge unsaved, unrepentant sinners, Pastor Turner reminds the Christian to deal with others in charity not wrath. We are to follow the Royal Law of the Lord Jesus Christ owing no man anything but to love him. At the same time by God's grace we are to resist evil, and to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness. 
     If this is a blessing to you by God's grace, please write to Pastor Turner at P.O. Box 257 Grantville, PA 17028 or via e-mail at to let him know that the Lord has blessed you in this preaching. You may also write to Pastor Turner if by your study of God's eternal, infallible word, the AV1611 King James Bible, you have honest questions about the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ as revealed therein to God's Elect.